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When it comes to making the right choice between all the countless Tennessee drug rehab programs available, many prospective patients understandably feel overwhelmed. This is because most people want to find an immediate program to address the problems, but also want the best possible options that would allow for long-term sobriety. Trying to find a good solution to permanently end drug addiction can be an emotionally exhausting task.

Making the Right Choice

Utah's Non 12 Step Drug Rehab Programs Empower One To Lead A Successful LifeSomeone who is determined to recover will want to enroll in an alcohol and drug rehab program only once and do it right the first time around. This is why they will have to consider some important facts about the treatment programs that are available in Tennessee. Only after understanding the differences between the many options, should a person make that important final decision.

Perhaps the biggest choice that a prospective patient has to make is whether to enroll in a traditional 12-step program or find an alternative non-traditional program. Even though it may not be obvious right away, the difference in approach between these programs and overall success rate is rather dramatic.

The Difference in Approach

Perhaps the largest difference between the two programs is that the traditional program views addiction as ‘the primary problem’. Meanwhile, the non-traditional treatment options place the focus on the underlying issues causing the addiction. The big difference here is how we approach treatment. Consider the following example; if you dislocated your shoulder, you would not be happy if the doctor only gave you prescription painkillers to deal with the pain. You would expect the doctor to treat the dislocated shoulder, the direct cause for the pain. If the actual problem were not treated, the pain would continue to linger indefinitely. Only after the issue with your shoulder is resolved, will the pain begin to disappear. The same goes with the treatment approach for drug or alcohol addiction, it is impossible to make a lasting change without addressing underlying issues.

The Difference in Motivation

Silhouette of Jumping Boy Against SunsetThe twelve-step approach encourages the acceptance of your being powerless over addiction and emphasizes the need for a Higher Power. This takes personal responsibility out of the equation, because it is no longer in the patient’s own hands whether they succeed or not. Meanwhile the alternative programs work to empower the patient to recognize that change has to come from within. The fact is that through support, help and change, it is possible to find motivations that are stronger than the addiction. Even though it is possible to push people to the absolute limit and give them every possible advantage, in the end, the motivation has to come from within. If the person does not have intrinsic motivators driving him or her, the chance of actual recovery is limited. This is because you can't force someone to want to make a change. It is possible to force someone to sober up, but it is not possible to force someone to accept addiction as a problem.

Changing the Treatment Plan

If you look through the basic stages of the traditional twelve steps, you will quickly find that they are rigid. Everyone is treated the same way and if the patient does not recover after using these steps, it is the fault of the patient, not the fault of the program. Take a moment and imagine struggling to deal with addiction, suggesting that you are having problems sticking with the program and being told that it is your fault, “because you clearly do not want it enough.” That type of attitude will be detrimental to any recovery process. Meanwhile the self-empowering programs will provide highly individualized treatment plans. It is important to approach the problem with an open mind. If something does not work the first time around, make small changes that may prove to be a better option. If someone comes in with a loving family who struggles with dependence on OxyContin after surgery, they are likely to need a radically different program than someone who has just lost their job, their significant other and has struggled with addiction for several years. It is important to be willing to change the approach to achieve success.

Looking at the Recovery

Man Greeting SunIf you look at the approach we see in the traditional sense, it suggests that addiction is an incurable disease. If you treat something as an incurable disease, it means that no matter the effort you put into recovery, it is always something close by, always something that may rear its ugly head in the future. In the non-traditional sense, addiction is a problem, it is a very serious problem that may even endanger a patient’s life, but it is a problem that can be dealt with nonetheless. At its absolute best, the idea behind the traditional program means that the person is just safe temporarily. On the other hand, the result at the non-traditional facility, at its best, means that this is a person that once struggled with addiction, but no longer has to deal with these problems.

Tennessee Non 12 step Drug Rehab

In total contrast to the 12-step approach, non-12 step drug rehab centers have a much larger success rate. The most successful non-12 step programs are long-term inpatient treatment that can last upwards of 90 days or more and include a holistic biophysical drug rehab program to detoxify the body in an effective manner. By first thoroughly eliminating all drug residue that has been stored within the body, the person is then ready to address the emotional aspects of their addiction and the initial cause of the alcohol and drug abuse.

Non 12-step treatment has become the most effective drug and alcohol rehab therapy available today. Through life skills that are acquired and one-on-one private counseling, the person is empowered with the fact that they themselves are responsible for their condition and that they are in control of their actions. Unfortunately, the traditional program remains the most common throughout the nation. If you need help finding an alternative recovery program in Tennessee, call our professional counselors today.

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